Monday, May 5, 2008

New release of whereyougonnabe

Well, we've been busy in the three weeks since we released our first beta of whereyougonnabe, and today we put out some significant improvements, including support for the Safari web browser, email notification when we find close interactions with your friends, a cool Facebook profile widget, the ability to easily re-use previous locations, and a number of other usability improvements and bug fixes.

This is what the new profile widget looks like:
whereyougonnabe profile screenshot

A major focus for us is making it very easy to create activities, and we have added the ability to dynamically select previously created locations. This is a screen shot showing how this looks on the create activity screen:
whereyougonnabe saved locations
We also took some of Stefan's comments to heart, and have made the activity title optional, so you can just say "Peter will be in Boulder" rather than "Peter will be working in Boulder". As well as giving you more flexibility this makes it faster to create activities, as the minimal things you need to specify now are a location, plus start date and end date (which both default to today) - but you have options to enter various other details if you want to. We also fixed an issue with handling accented characters, and made some improvements to our icons, fixing some aspect ratio issues and adding a default icon for people who don't have a picture on Facebook.

We will now email you when we find that you are going to be close to some of your friends, which is just the first step in providing a range of notification capabilities.

We have a lot more things in the pipeline, including further Facebook integration (support for the newsfeed and minifeed coming very soon, plus the ability to set your Facebook status when an activity starts), our first steps in calendar integration, and a simplified interface suitable for mobile browsers.

If you haven't signed up yet or you want to check out the new features, you can do so here. And we welcome your feedback on our new forums (or feel free to email me).