Monday, June 20, 2011

Speaking at OpenStreetMap Meetup in Denver tomorrow

As mentioned previously, I'll be speaking at tomorrow's OpenStreetMap meetup in Denver tomorrow, at the cool new MapQuest offices downtown. My attempt to crowdsource the presentation got a great response, and I got lots of suggestions for interesting content. I plan to have something for everyone, along the following lines:
  • A quick intro to OpenStreetMap for any newcomers
  • Some tips on using the Potlatch 2 map editor, which provides some cool new features - this should be good for both newcomers and experienced mappers
  • Examples of how government agencies from various parts of the world are using OpenStreetMap
  • Cool new tools for developers using OpenStreetMap, like Leaflet and Kothic
  • Some interesting applications using OpenStreetMap
  • Last but not least, how OpenStreetMap was used to show that you can in fact walk across Dublin without passing a pub (pubs have always been a mainstay of OpenStreetMap!)
We'll also have some discussion about the state of OpenStreetMap in Denver and Colorado, and brainstorm on things that we might want to focus on before State of the Map and FOSS4G are in Denver in September! You can get full details on the meetup and sign up here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Looking for content for "State of OpenStreetMap" presentation

I'm doing a couple of upcoming presentations on OpenStreetMap, the first one next week at the very cool MapQuest office in downtown Denver, so I encourage you to come along to that if you're in the neighborhood ... and this may well evolve into a presentation for State of the Map in Denver too!

So in the best OpenStreetMap tradition I thought I'd try a little crowdsourcing to help me pull this together. I'd be interested if you could send me links (or other info) about things that you think are (reasonably) new and interesting in the OpenStreetMap world including:
  • Cool applications using OpenStreetMap data
  • New (or improved) tools for creating / editing OpenStreetMap data
  • Examples of businesses or government organizations using OpenStreetMap
  • Anything else you think is interesting!
Please just drop me an email, or comment below. In fact if anyone has presentation slides covering interesting stuff that would be relevant, those would be great too. Happy to give credit to all contributors, of course!