Friday, July 20, 2007

GeoWeb panel update

As I mentioned previously, I am going to be at the GeoWeb conference in Vancouver next week, and I will now be participating in the closing panel entitled "Future Shock: The GeoWeb Forecast for 2012", together with Ron Lake of Galdos, Michael Jones of Google, Carl Reed of OGC, and Vincent Tao of Microsoft. The abstract is as follows:

This closing panel session features senior visionaries who provide a synthetic take of GeoWeb 2007 and use this as a basis for forecasting the growth, evolution, and direction of the GeoWeb. Specifically, discussants will address:

What will it look like in 2012?
What device(s) will predominate?
What will be the greatest innovation?
What will be the largest impediment?
What market segments will it dominate?
What market segments will it fail to impact?

Each discussant will provide a five- to seven-minute statement touching on each of the questions above. A 30-minute question-and-answer session will follow. Answers will be limited to two minutes; each discussant has the opportunity to respond to each question.

Since I leave tomorrow morning to drive up there, I will have something to think about on the road! It should be a good panel I think.


gletham Communications said...

hey Peter, have a great trip and good conference... I had to pass on GeoWeb this time.. too bad as it looks awesome! NExt time you plan a drive up there blast me an email and I'll ride shotgun with you ;0)

Anonymous said...

Here's a question for the panel, Peter:

In 2012, will there actually be a "GeoWeb" that's a real, open platform (like the-web-we-have-now), or will it still be just a marketing term, an abbreviation of "doing stuff you used to do in ArcView, now using a thin client plus hideously expensive server software"?

Kevin said...


Sounds like a great panel. Hope you will be able to post your remarks.