Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Coming out of stealth mode soon!

We have been making good progress on the application we are building at Spatial Networking, which in its initial release will run on the Facebook Platform. We plan to get an alpha release out to a small number of testers by the end of this week, and have a closed beta out within a few weeks after that. So I've decided it's time to start telling the world more about what we're up to, and I'll be doing this, and giving our first public demo, at next week's Boulder Denver New Technology Meetup Group, which is on Tuesday February 5 at 6pm in Boulder. I have found this to be a pretty interesting local group for anyone interested in technology startups. They had about 200 people at the last one. The general format is that 5 companies present for 5 minutes each (with 5 minutes for questions). So I'll have to be pretty concise, but I've been getting used to that with doing pitches to potential investors, who have pretty short attention spans :). If you're in the area please feel free to come to the Meetup, and if not I'll be posting much more information here in the coming weeks.


sgillies said...

Would you be interested in demonstrating at Frugosapalooza?

Peter Batty said...

Hi Sean, yes I would! I have signed up on the FRUGOS group now - I thought I had done that previously but apparently not! So will follow up through that channel.

Anonymous said...

Would you consider opening up the alpha/beta to your loyal blog readers?
Are there any prerequisites? A facebook account clearly. A GPS-enabled phone?

Anonymous said...

Well, you want feedback so your gonna get it! I like the concept and I'm interested in testing it. The immediate comment I have is on your tag line (if that's the right term), i.e. "We help people meet their friends more often"

It doesn't really fit with the "you" target that the rest of the site implies, and is a bit of a mouthful. Wouldn't something like "We help you meet your friends more often" be more appropriate, or even drop the obvious "We" and say "Helping you meet your friends more often".

Just my 2 cents - feel free to ignore ;-)

Peter Batty said...

Alan, thanks for your thoughts, I agree, 'tis done! And Johnny, please join our Facebook group (via to sign up for the alpha / beta. No GPS required, just a Facebook account and some friends!