Friday, February 8, 2008

Upcoming gigs

I have quite a few speaking engagements coming up, which have rather crept up on me, so I thought I'd give a quick summary.

Frugosapalooza, Denver, February 19: FRUGOS is the Front Range Users of Geospatial Open Source, and their one day "unconference" last summer was one of the best events I went to last year. Sean Gillies and I will both be speaking, but there will be plenty of time for networking and drinking :). We will even be honored by the presence of James Fee who is flying in from Phoenix for the event.

Panel for Joe Berry's GIS class, Denver, February 28: Joe has lined up an interesting panel for his class, and this event will be open to the public. Matt Ball will be talking about the role of GIS for sustainability, Bill Gail of Microsoft will be talking about the merging of real and fantasy in GIS, and I'll be talking about disruptive change in the industry. Tina Cary will be moderating.

FME User Conference, Vancouver, March 6: as I've mentioned previously, my friends at Safe Software kindly invited me to give the keynote at their worldwide user conference, and they recently put out a press release about this. A good thing about doing keynotes is that people have to say nice things about you for their advertising ;) ... you don't get too many keynote announcements saying "we've hired a really dull speaker with nothing interesting to say".

GITA Geospatial Infrastructure Solutions Conference, Seattle, March 11: I'm moderating a panel on "Mashups - Consumer Toy or Enterprise Tool?". We're still finalizing speakers for that one but I'm anticipating another good lineup.

Location Intelligence, Santa Clara, April 28: I'll be moderating the lightning talks on the opening afternoon of the conference, on the theme of Social Networking, Local Search and Location-based Advertising. I have cut short my attendance at the New Orleans Jazzfest by a day to do this, which tells you I expect it to be a good event :) !

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