Sunday, March 2, 2008

Great blog on urban modeling and visualization at Digital Urban

I was doing some research for my upcoming talk at the FME User Conference later this week, and came across a really interesting blog called Digital Urban - lots of great stuff on 3D modeling and visualization, and related items.

A few examples of interesting posts include this one on a game called Prototype for which they are building some extraordinarily detailed and realistic models of New York City. Check out the following video in particular - the second half is where you really get to see the models they are building (I recommend the high definition version).

...this one on the Da Vinci Tower in Dubai, in which each floor can rotate independently, and the tower includes built in wind turbines which power it and neighboring buildings (there's a high resolution version of the video here).

... and finally I really liked this HDR image of New York by Paulo Barcellos, funnily enough the second time I saw a reference to HDR imaging today, a term I hadn't come across before but there's a good explanation at Wikipedia.

There's lots of other good stuff at Digital Urban too, so check it out!


Anonymous said...

Well, actually anybody who investigate hardly in GIS already knows CASA and what they means... a group of amazing GIS people who contribute to this scene more than a million of GIS bloggers and "experts" who doesn´t aport anything, but a lot of EGO, pre-chewed info or software propaganda.

Peter Batty said...

Dear anonymous, I'm not sure what I did to offend you, but I apologize for having worked in geospatial technology for all this time while apparently being the only person not to have seen the very interesting Digital Urban blog before. I will try harder in future to contribute something useful to the industry.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind mention of the blog and the comment on our work at CASA. Nice to know the work is being picked up upon in these interesting times in the GI industry...

Peter - ive been a visitor to your site for a while so thanks again :)

Andy (Digital Urban)

Peter Batty said...

You're welcome Andy, looks like you are involved in a lot of interesting things!

Anonymous said...

Hi, i´m anonymous :)
Not offended! And it wasn´t a comment about your blog! It was a comment about other GIS-blogs who don´t contribute to GIS (s for Science). I discovered CASA two years ago and i fell in love with these guys! All the interesting stuff ( agents, 3d, theory..) in the same package!
CASA´s work is essential in these days (my opinion) and we congratulate they share their knowledge in books or blogs.