Friday, September 12, 2008

If you could do geospatial analysis 50 to 100 times faster ... (revisited)

A little while back I posted on the topic of what compelling new things would you do if you could do geospatial analysis 50-100 times faster than you can today, on very large data volumes. This generated quite a bit of interesting discussion both on my blog and over at James Fee's. This project will be coming out of stealth mode with an announcement next week - if you are a friend of mine on whereyougonnabe you should be able to figure out where the technology is coming from (you can also get the answer if you watch this 3 minute video carefully)!

One interesting thing you might do is analyze the projected impact of hurricane Ike in a much more comprehensive and timely fashion than you can do with current technologies, and we'll have a case study about that next week. I'll be blogging about all this in much more detail next week.

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