Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Presenting at the CIO Forum in Perth

Just a quick note to say that I will be giving the keynote address at the upcoming CIO Forum event in Perth, Australia, organized by WALIS (Western Australia Land Information System) and the Australian Computer Society. It's on March 12 and I'm talking on the subject of "The Geospatial Technology Revolution":

Geospatial technology has been transformed over the past few years from a specialised back room technology into an increasingly pervasive element of mainstream IT, which is driving many new and innovative applications.

This presentation will examine current and future trends that are impacting the geospatial industry, including developments in wireless communications and mobile devices; web-based applications, data and services; location tracking technologies, both global and local; and the impact of offerings from major IT companies including Microsoft, Google and Oracle, as well as the growth in open source solutions.

It will look at how the new generation of geospatial and location technologies can benefit both organizations that already use geospatial technology, and those that don't (yet).
If you're down in that part of the world please stop by!

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Unknown said...

Will see you there Peter.

Psst, its WALIS Forum not CIO Forum!