Monday, October 26, 2009

Talk on "The Geospatial Revolution" in Minnesota

Here is a video of my recent keynote talk at the Minnesota GIS/LIS conference in Duluth, which was an excellent event. There were about 500 people there, which is great in the current economic climate. It was mainly a "traditional GIS" audience, and I got a lot of good feedback on the talk which was nice.

I talk about current trends in the industry in three main areas: moving to the mainstream (at last!); a real time, multimedia view of the world; and crowdsourcing. There's a lot of the same material that I presented in my talk with the same title at AGI GeoCommunity (which doesn't have an online video), but this one also has additional content (~50 minutes versus 30 minutes).

Click through to vimeo for a larger video, and if you click on "HD" you will get the full high definition version!! I used a different approach to produce this video compared to previous presentation videos, using a separate camera and a different layout for combining the slides and video. I like the way this came out - I'll do a separate blog post soon with some tips on how to video presentations, I think.

The Geospatial Revolution (Minnesota) from Peter Batty on Vimeo.

You can also view the slides here:


cjl said...

Thanks for posting your presentation. It was great having you in Duluth, and nice to sit at your table during the beer tasting.

Unknown said...

I concur with cjl. I thought your talk does a good job of bridging the "traditional GISers" and some of the newer "Neo" camps. Very useful. Thanks for being there.

Kirk Kuykendall said...

Thanks for posting! I Look forward to tips on video presentations. It seems like these videos may pose an innovator's dilemma for GIS conferences - especially if people start posting transcripts along with them for google to index.

I won't need to be there, to see Where .

Randy said...

Nice talk Peter!
It is great to have someone with your credentials pointing out a changing world to the GIS community.

Tim Case said...

Great new presenation format Peter (and delivery as always).

I am curious though about your lightweight vs heavyweight diagram (at 18:30). You put KML over on the lightweight side and OGC on the other side. But KML is an official OGC standard, and one example of how OGC is attentive to and being useful within the neogeography world.

Peter Batty said...

Thanks all for the kind comments.

@Kirk, I've added a few thoughts on the impact on conferences in this post.

@Tim fair point about KML being an OGC standard, and I applaud OGC for adopting it. But KML was originally developed outside OGC, by Keyhole and then Google. And most of the standards developed by OGC ("WxS") are more complex - though trying to do more sophisticated things in general. But I think my views about the "lightweight" standards having had much more of an impact on geospatial data sharing in practice are pretty widely shared, including people heavily involved in OGC. But I will make a note to update that slide somehow to accurately reflect what is an OGC standard.

Peter Batty said...

@Kirk by the way, no need for transcripts to let the big G search presentation videos ... Google Labs is already working on Google Audio Indexing.