Monday, November 16, 2009

Nice flickr search tool for Presentation Zen afficionados

I recently came across a nice flickr search tool called ViewFinder (for Mac), which makes it very easy to search flickr for photos with appropriate Creative Commons licenses, and then download a suitably sized version and insert it into a Keynote presentation. There's a way to copy attribution information too, though that's not done automatically with the "insert Keynote slide" function - hopefully they will provide an option to do that in a future update. But even as it is, it will save me a lot of time putting together presentations with lots of photos.

So if you're into Presentation Zen style and use a Mac, I recommend you check it out. And if you're not into Presentation Zen, you should be - read this :) ...

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Pete Warden said...

That looks pretty awesome - I sometimes spend more time on Flickr finding just the right CC-licensed photo than I do writing the blog post so this could be really handy for that.