Sunday, February 14, 2010

OpenStreetMap in Haiti - video

I am sure most readers of this blog have heard about how there has been a huge effort to map Haiti using OpenStreetMap - Harry Wood gave a good summary of efforts a few weeks ago. Currently Schuyler Erle and Tom Buckley are down in Haiti helping out with mapping for the relief efforts on ground - Schuyler's blog has really interesting accounts of what they've been doing. Schuyler tweeted today that he and Tom were "starting to post raw, iffy quality, unedited audio and video - please feel free to edit/remix/repost". So here's my quick edit of what they've posted so far - I'll try to do something similar if they post more in the coming days. The video features people from UNOSAT and UN OCHA explaining how useful OpenStreetMap data was to them - and also some clips from a prayer march. Click through on the video to see a larger version (and choose 480p).

Update: some quotes from the video ...

Catherine from OCHA (the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs): "Basically it's the best source of transportation information that we have for Haiti ... it's the most comprehensive one, and the most up to date, of course. This is information that everyone is using here. There is a big GIS group here for this humanitarian response, and everybody is using OpenStreetMap."

Schuyler: "OpenstreetMap was used for the UNOSAT building damage assessment ..."

Olivier from UNOSAT (UN Operational Satellite Applications Programme): "Of course we used OpenStreetMap on a daily basis ... every day it was possible to improve our maps ... with new information. Usually it is impossible to get this information ... so thanks to this volunteer platform, it has been fantastic for us, that's for sure."


Tom said...

Thanks Peter!

The woman interviewed also mentioned that more OSM data for other areas affected by the quake, such as Jacmel, were in need for the effective coordination of humanitarian relief work.

Olivier also mentioned that UNOSAT could use OSM help in identifying IDP camps outside of Port-au-Prince, particularly on the border of the Dominican Republic. He said any OSM would on this could be of help getting people back into their homes before the rain starts.

-schuyler and tom

@Osbornec said...

Needs more of this -

Peter Batty said...

@osbornec your video rocks as usual :). You mean I should link to that in my blog or I should incorporate it in the next version of this video? Is it okay to do that (with suitable attribution of course)?

@Osbornec said...

its CC-BY-SA as usual so feel free to do whatever you like as long as its attributed