Friday, February 11, 2011

Cool Egypt tweet map on GeoCommons

My friend Chris Helm, who is a co-conspirator both at FortiusOne and on the organizing committee of FOSS4G, has been doing a lot of interesting work with analyzing and mapping tweets recently. He produced a cool animated map showing the location of tweets tagged with #Egypt #Jan25 or #Tahrir over time.

View full map

When you play the animation (click through to the full map and press play at the bottom left) you can clearly see the moment when Mubarak finally stood down, everything goes crazy. Diane Sawyer from ABC news featured the map on her blog too, which was very cool!


Christopher Hinn said...

Congratulations Egypt! May you have a peaceful and smooth transition.

Sean said...

Thanks Peter - Chris is doing awesome stuff can't wait till you see the latest! I forked Chris's map and tried a slightly different viz of the data.

Choropleth dots with a diverging color scheme and a standard deviation binning of the data. Result are blue dots where sentiment is positive, red dots where it is negative and white dots where it is netral. Love being able to remix data. Appreciate you highlighting the teams work!

Peter Batty said...

Hey Sean, Chris showed me some of the other stuff he was doing too, very cool indeed! Lots of good stuff going on at the moment!