Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Looking for content for "State of OpenStreetMap" presentation

I'm doing a couple of upcoming presentations on OpenStreetMap, the first one next week at the very cool MapQuest office in downtown Denver, so I encourage you to come along to that if you're in the neighborhood ... and this may well evolve into a presentation for State of the Map in Denver too!

So in the best OpenStreetMap tradition I thought I'd try a little crowdsourcing to help me pull this together. I'd be interested if you could send me links (or other info) about things that you think are (reasonably) new and interesting in the OpenStreetMap world including:
  • Cool applications using OpenStreetMap data
  • New (or improved) tools for creating / editing OpenStreetMap data
  • Examples of businesses or government organizations using OpenStreetMap
  • Anything else you think is interesting!
Please just drop me an email, or comment below. In fact if anyone has presentation slides covering interesting stuff that would be relevant, those would be great too. Happy to give credit to all contributors, of course!


Josh said...

Off the top of my head I'd suggest you mention OpenTripPlanner, the ImproveWayAccuracy plugin for JOSM, the OSM/OTP report issued by CUTR/USF, (and of course my incomplete conflation plugin for JOSM :). Of course there's much more.

Tony said...

A colleague of mine (thanks Brian!) just coincidentally sent me this fascinating link!


Richard Fairhurst said...

Kothic JS.