Friday, December 7, 2007

When navigation systems are superfluous

Took this photo earlier today in Buffalo, Wyoming, driving home from relatives in Sheridan. Instructions for getting home: continue straight on I-25 south for 376 miles, exit on 20th St and you're home. Bit of an easy day for the navigation system really, not too many instructions needed there!
Prius navigation system in Wyoming


Anonymous said...

I can't remember what the speed limits are in WY. Doing 80!! Better not let the police see this pic, there may be a ticket in the mail. :)

I miss the days in MT, where the daylight speed limit on major roads was set to "reasonable, but prudent". Nothing like cruising down the interstate at 110-120. :)


Tony said...

Not to mention taking a picture while driving 80!

I find that my Prius gets much better mileage if I stick to 60 mph. But of course then you run the risk of getting run over. It is impressive that you can cruise comfortable at 80 without straining the engine or anything - really is a great car for around town or long trips!

Enjoy the blog,

Peter Batty said...

Hmmm, very observant of you, I hadn't noticed those digits there! I think I must have had my readout set to km/h ;) !! But the speed limit there is 75mph so even if it had been 80mph it would have been in the right ballpark :). As Tony mentioned, the Prius does cruise very well even at these sort of speeds.

Anonymous said...

Sooner than expected you may also have a 360° immersive panoramic view displayed on your GPS device... that may be nice to entertain... especially if you drive by night and would like some entertainment ;)