Wednesday, July 16, 2008

OpenStreetMap mapping party in Denver this weekend (at my loft)

Steve Coast, the founder of OpenStreetMap, is visiting Denver this weekend for a mapping party which I will be hosting at my loft above the Wynkoop Brewing Company, followed by beers downstairs. We will be holding one on Saturday and one on Sunday, people are welcome to attend either or both. We'll start at 1pm each day with a talk from Steve about OpenStreetMap, which I think is one of the more interesting developments in the industry recently, as I've talked about before - a prime example of the "crowdsourcing" phenomenon. We encourage everyone to join us for some mapping too, but if you just want to come for the talk (or the beers later), that's fine too. Please sign up on the wiki page if you plan to come.

Here is more information from Steve:

OpenStreetMap, the free wiki world map is coming to Denver this weekend 19/20th July for a mapping party.

OpenStreetMap allows anyone to edit a map of the world, much like wikipedia allows anyone to edit a world encyclopaedia. A mapping party is an informal daytime event where volunteers of all walks of life help map an area collaboratively. GPS units and instruction is provided, together with help using the editing tools and ways to collect the data. For more about mapping parties, see here.

We will meet at Peter Batty's loft at 1792 Wynkoop St, #508, at 1pm. It will begin with a short presentation on OpenStreetMap and then you are invited to go mapping. Mapping some streets, footpaths or what interests you can take as little as an hour including being shown how to use the GPS and software. Afterward, we will retire to the Wynkoop Brewing Company and you're welcome to join us.

Please check the wiki page for up to date information.


Tartley said...

Very cool. I wish I could be there, but won't be in Denver until July 25th. I've just fixed up the data for my block in Camden, London, to make up for it. Added a missing residential street and fixed up the pathways through the local park.

Peter Batty said...

Cool! I mapped my home village of Cropston in Leicestershire when I was home last Christmas.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for hosting this weekend - I hope to drop in.