Friday, April 20, 2007

Goodbye and good luck to Intergraph

Yesterday was my last day working for Intergraph, where I have held the role of Chief Technology Officer for the past 18 months. I very much enjoyed my time at Intergraph and was sorry to leave in many ways - I worked with a lot of great people there and will miss them. But I had really grown tired of the traveling - for personal reasons I am not in a position to move from Denver, so I was traveling to Huntsville, Alabama, every second week or so, and generally somewhere else in the intervening weeks. While I enjoy travel and have been to some great places along the way, it's tough to keep up that sort of schedule forever. You can see where I went using Google Earth here, or using Google Maps here for North America, and here for the rest of the world (needed to split the Google Maps version as it won't handle a single KML file this large).

Secondly, I decided I would really like to get back to a role where I have more hands-on involvement with technology, probably in a startup or small company environment ... I may well start my own company, and have a few ideas I'm exploring, but will think about my options for a while. I'm open to interesting offers or discussion of ideas :) !!

I think we made some good progress in various areas during my time at Intergraph, and there are some great people in place to take over the things I was working on, so I look forward to seeing Intergraph continue to be successful.


Aaron said...

Congratulations Pete - being in Denver more means we might get around to sorting out dinner one night ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your efforts and contributions.

Cheers and Good luck!
Sisgraph Ltda.

Michael Cerkas said...

A person with as much class as you simply needs to move on to different challenges very often. This enables you to impact more people, solve more problems, learn more about your passions and make more friends. I feel privileged to call you my friend. Good luck to you. Stay in touch...

Mike Cerkas

Anonymous said...

Good luck Pete. Maybe you can now re-invest some time in your Line Dancing. The art form, and indeed the dance community at large,has suffered a setback by your long-term absence from the Grizzly Rose.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of going to ESRI or a partner? I wonder what Jack and his entourage will think about your "dark side" comments!

Unknown said...

Hi Peter,
Are you really tired with travelling, or will we have a chance to see you in Paris then ?

Peter Batty said...

Eric, I will never be too tired of traveling to come to Paris ... no immediate plans though, but will let you know if I work something out!