Friday, February 8, 2008

My GPS wins prestigious French neogeo award!

I was very honored to find that my Toyota Prius GPS navigation system received the award of "Le meilleur GPS de l’année" (best GPS of the year) from the French blog neogeo in their prestigious "le TopOfThePop Neogeo 2007" awards :). Je veux dire merci beaucoup, je suis très honoré!

The post has a pretty eclectic set of interesting links from la FrenchKissingMap to How I explained REST to my wife (or Comment j’ai expliqué REST à ma femme).


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
Undoubtfully your GPS beats my Nokia embedded one which takes soooo long to get a proper signal that I have time to stop in a gas station to ask for my destination. More funny, the GoogleMapsMobile function 'locate me' recently located me in North Korea, where I swear I've never been. Just imagine what can happen if NSA records these "locations'...
Anyway, the awards ceremony didn't take place yet, so if your GPS knows where Toulouse, France, is, don't hesitate to show up.
Thanks for your feedback,
Regards, Guillaume.

Peter Batty said...

Guillaume, thanks for the invitation. I get back to my original home of England a few times a year, so you never know ... if I'm in the vicinity of Toulouse I will let you know!