Saturday, February 21, 2009

Best Man for the Best Job!

Slightly off topic here, but for a bit of fun I have applied for "the best job in the world", as Caretaker of the Great Barrier Reef Islands. It's a pretty long shot as they are anticipating 30,000 applicants, but it was a fun exercise to do the video! And at the moment I'm in the top 30 "most popular", but it seems pretty dynamic. So I encourage you to please vote for me here (i.e. rate the video, 5 stars is the maximum). Of course geothought readers will be more than welcome to come and visit! And there is a bit of a Google Earth animation in the video, so it's not entirely without geospatial content! And there will be a little more geospatial stuff on my accompanying Best Man for the Best Job web site shortly.

Update: today (Feb 22, midnight UTC) is the closing date for applications, and the web site is suffering under the strain. So if you try to vote but don't get through, please give it a try some other time - I imagine things will be back to normal either this evening US time or tomorrow. And in the mean time, you can see my application video here (but can't vote there).

Best Man for the Best Job

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant, Peter! Good luck with the application!