Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Going to GeoWeb

I just thought I would mention that I am planning to be at the upcoming GeoWeb conference in Vancouver. They have an impressive set of big names lined up for keynotes, with Vint Cerf, Jack Dangermond, Michael Jones, Geoff Zeiss and Vincent Tao, as well as a pretty packed set of technical sessions, three concurrent tracks for two and a half days (and that's excluding pre-conference workshops which I probably won't make it to). And a trip to Vancouver is always something I'm happy to find an excuse for! I look forward to catching up with lots of friends there, and might even end up on a panel if they'll have me (I have volunteered but they are still finalizing plans for those).

I'm actually planning to do a family road trip up there from Denver and take in a bit of scenery along the way. I've been playing a bit with Rand McNally's trip planning site, though haven't used it enough to see if there is any advantage over the new and cool additions to Google Maps routing which the whole world has blogged about - will report back on that if I find anything of particular note. I think we will take in Jasper and Banff en route, if anyone has any other specific suggestions for good places to go through, please let me know!


Anonymous said...

Internet and Media Productions Specialist, Alessandro Sorbello of New Realm Media http://www.newrealm.com.au interviewed Dr Vinton Cerf in Brisbane Australia on 8th March 2007, prior to his presentation of ‘Internet, Infinity and Beyond’ excerpts from Dr. Cerf’s presentation are available online at New Realm. Mr Sorbello http://www.AlessandroSorbello.com posed questions to Dr. Cerf relating to the development of the Internet and its role in today’s society and what we can expect in the future.

Dr. Cerf: So you can actually see some of the side effects. What happens when you get a billion people all connected together and able to interact? The first thing you notice is thanks to Tim Berners-Lee and the World Wide Web is an enormous avalanche of information coming into the network. The uses and consumers of information have now become the producers.

And so when you look at things like Wikipedia you discover that its content comes from anywhere in the world from anyone who has a piece of information that may be of use to others. What amazed me is the number of people who want to share their information and they are not looking for payment, they are simply looking for credit or they simply want to contribute. The interplanetary internet is set to change the face of communication not only on our planet, but also in the way we communicate with our technology in space.

Anonymous said...

I was looking through your iPhone photos on Flickr and I was just curious how you feel after having it for a few days...I am trying to make myself wait until the first software update to see what they're capable of altering and adding to the phone.

Have fun in Vancouver!

gletham Communications said...

Hi Peter,
the CDN route throuh Banff etc.. will be really nice... stay south in BC and go through Creston, Vernon etc... for a great trip! Not sure if you've gone the I80 I84 route through Utah, Orgon, etc... but that's also a really nice drive if you want to get back a little faster. Be sure to hit Osoyos in BC (Canada's only desert) and then go the crow's next highway rather than the cocahala (spelling?)

have fun