Saturday, April 5, 2008

My geospatial technology trends presentation at FME 2008 now online

I've been on vacation in Mexico, which was very nice, and very busy for the week or two before that, so trying to catch up now ... but Safe Software has now posted a copy of my slides and a video of my presentation at the FME 2008 User Conference. I'll be blogging about a number of the things I talked about (and have already blogged about some of them, of course) in due course, for those of you who don't want to watch a 45 minute presentation :). There are also videos of Don and Dale's entertaining double act presentations on FME 2008 and FME Server, which were both very interesting.
Me reaching the top of the pyramid at Coba


Anonymous said...

Hey Peter, seems you had fun in Mexico.

I had a chance to finally watch your presentation. I really like many of the points you make, I certainly agree in many of the technology disruptions you described.

However, there is one economic disruption you should perhaps consider: "the economy of free", this is not really my idea, but Chris Anderson's as explained in his recent piece in Wired magazine:

I think the other factor that fueled Google Earth/Maps adoption is that not only the technology was free (for the user and to a great extent to the developers), but also the underlying data was free.

I still remember the old mantra of the data conversion companies at the AM/FM conference: "ROI can only be achieved after data conversion" which in the old days used to imply not only converting your data (let's say the electric network) but also the "land base".

Google's disruption was completed when they made the "land base" essentially free. Finally, the use of web 2.0 technologies is making the rest of the data free as well.

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