Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My presentation on "Geodata creation: past, present and future" at State of the Map 2009 #sotm09

A video of my presentation at the recent OpenStreetMap State of the Map conference is now online at Vimeo. There's also a copy of the slides at SlideShare. I talk about the four major business models that have been tried in regard to creating geodata, and how they are all handicapped by the very high costs involved when you use the traditional approach which involves paying the people who create the data. And I discuss how crowdsourcing completely changes things by reducing this labor cost to zero. From everything I saw at State of the Map, I am convinced that use of crowdsourcing in general, and OpenStreetMap in particular, is going to massively grow over the next couple of years.

Geodata creation: past , present and future - Petter Batty (Spatial Networking) from State of the Map 2009 on Vimeo.

Other videos are being posted online at the sotm09 channel on Vimeo - I recommend you take a look. There are lots of great presentations, but one that I guarantee will make you smile is this 5 minute one on Mapping of Historical Sites in Japan - check it out :).


Anonymous said...

Great talk as always! Just noting an error in your history slide where you say Google Earth (Keyhole) was launched in 2004. GE was launched in May 2005. Keyhole the company was founded in 2001 and the Earth Viewer exe (before rebranded to Keyhole) started in 2002.

Peter Batty said...

Thanks for the correction - the 2004 date was when Google bought Keyhole, and I had just taken that as the "beginning" of Google Earth, but I just checked and you're right, it was launched as Google Earth in 2005 (actually in June, according to this).