Wednesday, June 13, 2007

FRUGOS "unconference" in Boulder this Saturday

FRUGOS (Front Range Users of Geospatial Open Source) is holding an "unconference" in Boulder, CO, this Saturday. It is billed as being an "intense and fun discussion at the intersection of geography, location, and technology". There are currently 28 people signed up to attend. I'm planning to go and will volunteer to lead a session on where the industry will be going in the next few years - which may or may not be accepted, the schedule will just be jointly agreed on by attendees at the beginning of the day. So far a tentative list of ideas for sessions is as follows:
  • OGC -- what is it, who cares? (or, Standards are Your Friends)
  • OpenLayers -- Google Maps WITHOUT the Google Maps (or, Tessellation Is Your Friend)
  • Rolling Your Own Google Maps (I've Got Two Turntables and 150 Lines of JavaScript)
  • Web services, W*S, REST, SOAP, RSS, Atom Publishing Protocol
  • Mobility/Location-Based Services
  • HostGIS Linux: a Linux distro for lazy mapmakers
  • Publicly Available Data <> Publicly Accessible Information: How can we encourage our public sector to embrace new models of (spatial) data distribution
  • Modeling the ancient world
  • KML applications
You can get more information here, and sign up if you are planning to attend.

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