Friday, June 29, 2007

Waiting in the iPhone line

Well Glenn is pretty down on the iPhone, while Ed says he would be in the line if he was in the US. Well, I'm in the line in Denver ... decided to go to the Cingular store walking distance from my home rather than the Apple Store in Cherry Creek, which might be more fun but I'm sure will be much more crowded. There are about 35 people in the line in front of me (I got here around 4pm for the 6pm opening), and the rumor is that they have 120 to sell here, and you can only buy 1 per person (2 per person at Apple stores) - so I should be in good shape to be posting a review later.
Waiting for my iPhone
Here I am writing this post on my MacBook (which I only bought a few weeks ago, but I have become quite an Apple fan boy since then). As I posted previously, I'm disappointed that the iPhone doesn't have a GPS, but I think it does have a lot of cool features and some very interesting user interface innovations, which is enough justification for me to get one (though I will keep my BlackBerry 8800 also).

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