Sunday, June 17, 2007

Small world

I flew from Denver to San Diego this morning for the big conference. I guess the exit row was populated by all the frequent flyers. I was in 10C. In 10A was Jeff Meyers, President of what was Miner and Miner, now part of Telvent, who are ESRI's primary partner for utilities, so the most direct competitor to Intergraph's utility division and Smallworld. In 10B was Jeff's wife Erika Murphy, also with Miner and Miner. And across the aisle in 10D was Paul Yarka from Accenture, another person who's been around the utility geospatial scene for a long time and has been doing a lot of work with ESRI recently. So that made for lots of interesting conversation on the flight down. I wonder if "The Empire" even controls the seating plans on flights into San Diego :) ?!

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